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          Company introduction

                 Qingdao ENPU environmental equipment Co.,Ltd. has been the biggest manufacturer of environmental equipment in Jiangbei District.Our R & D Teams with more than 50 people is the most professional team in domestic.Our company owes two R & D Centers and we have signed the long-term strategic cooperation agreement with Foreign R & D institutions. We have more than 10 national patents and 30 certificates of honor issued by National and Industry Association.Our G40 concrete reclaimer created by ourselves is the first brand in China,ranked the first at the annual sales volume of domestic,breaked the monopoly of foreign brands in one fell swoop.Now we have become the leader on the range of concrete reclaimer.

               Qingdao ENPU environmental equipment Co.,Ltd. has accomplished the sales income with more than RMB50 million and established the sales outlets in Beijing,Shanghai,Tianjin,Xian,Taiyuan and so on. Our products have been exported to Russia,Kazakhstan,Philippines,Mongolia,Malaysia,Austrilia and otehr countries.The products of ENPU Environmental are serving clients world-widely with superior performances!

          Honor and qualification

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